Official Albert Pujols a Cardinal Petition

Albert Pujols and St. Louis Cardinal fans, join MVPujols in our quest to convince Cardinals management that Albert Pujols should be a lifetime Cardinal. We are starting early. We are putting together a huge online petition for Cardinal fans to unite. The goal is 1000+ on the list. Surely this will get the attention of both Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals come 2011. Come on fans, show your support for Albert Pujols being a Cardinal and lets show management that they NEED to make this happen. Do you really want to see El Hombre in another uniform? I sure don't.

Albert Pujols Petition

Albert Pujols is the greatest player to play the game. He is a St. Louis Cardinal and this site is 100% dedicated to keeping it that way - FOR LIFE! As you might know, Albert Pujols is signed with the Cardinals through 2010 with a club option for 2011. Surely the Redbirds will pick up that option for 2011. But what happens after that? It's obvious Pujols will be looking for a major $$$ contract probably one of the biggest ever. What this site is for is to urge the St. Louis Cardinals management to MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Please, no matter what - sign Albert Pujols. Give him a lifetime contract, pay him whatever he needs. Keep Albert Pujols in St. Louis and a Cardinal FOR LIFE. I know most of you Redbird fans feel the same. Albert Pujols is not only a huge asset on the field but quite a great player for the St. Louis community.

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As all of you undoubtedly know by now, Albert Pujols has decided to take the money and run. Obviously, we really appreciate everything that he has done in bringing two World Series Championships, but it is really hard to see him go. The one thing that cannot be overstated is how unlikely these two championships were. In both 2006 and 2011, the Cardinals slipped into the playoffs. They were underdogs in just about every single series matchup and persevered.

Now, we Cardinals fans will have to persevere without him. He signed a $254 million 10-year contract with the LA Angels. I don't think that it was a matter of Albert not wanting to stay in St Louis, but the fact that he was not going to be able to play on the field for the next 10 years. It is a matter of Albert taking the massive amount of money knowing that he will be able to DH for the last 5 years of his career.

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